Our work

The Way – 2021

In 2020, FAPE and MCT began project The Way with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). This program provides women in Souss-Massa with the social support required to access training and work. Women are provided the opportunity to gain the skills needed to support their children and career goals.


Women worked with


completed professional training in cooking, baking, hairdressing, tailoring, or reception skills


entered internships


women supported to launch their own income generating projects


gained full time employment


attendees at awareness raising workshops

Khadija Studying for her Future

Khadija was a 17 year-old single mother with a child born out of wedlock. She was estranged from her family and was living in a women’s refuge. When we connected with Khadija we found she was experiencing difficult working conditions as a house maid. Khadija felt isolated, alone, and powerless to change her situation. She had also not completed her schooling which made it difficult to find suitable employment. However, Khadija needed her official school certificates to enrol in school and this required her to reconnect with her family.

Our work with Khadija consisted of providing her and her family the opportunity to reconcile and accept Khadija and her daughter into the family. Khadija’s family were supportive and we ensured Khadija was able to enrol in school. She is now studying hard, determined to enter university, and provide herself and her daughter with the opportunity to thrive and be happy.