Our work

Our Approach

Our approach draws on the principles of Participatory Action Research to ensure we are:

Participatory: by ensuring all stakeholders, children, families, frontline workers, managers, board members, and other professionals we work with, all have an equitable role in decision making in project development, management, and implementation. 

Action: by ensuring that our work is effective and has a positive impact on our target demographics by striving to meet and exceed all project goals 

Research: we work with researchers and professionals from Morocco, United Kingdom, Australia, Tunisia, New Zealand, and Spain amongst others to ensure our work is evidence-based and up-to-date with global best practice.

When implementing our projects we draw on our 5 pillars of social work to ensure we are able to provide a collection of holistic social services. We build on the principles of relational social work and ensure there are clear transitions from our entry points to our exit points. This is framed by being child-centred and family-focused and always ensuring to be professional in our practice by respecting best practice in child protection regarding confidentiality, transparency, and accountability.


Being holistic is about being aware of the ways the social environment surrounding children and families affects the mode of social work delivery. Therefore we ensure to:

  • recognise the inter-related aspects of each individuals life in order to continuously reflect on the ways the lives of children and families change and adapt to new circumstances
  • acknowledge that no single organisation or person is able to respond of every aspect of an individual’s life
  • gather and evaluate information from different sources


Relational social work is about building effective relationships between children and families, social workers, and all service providers. Relationship building begins with positive engagement and requires clear and effective communication. This is fostered by being empathetic to the circumstances and experiences of all those we come in contact with.


We ensure there are clear entry points for all our services and a clear pathway towards our exit points. Fundamentally, this means we take a Strengths-Based Solutions Focused (SBSF) approach which operates on the assumption that all people, even if they are experiencing problems, have some strengths and resources from which they can draw on to make positive change. 


We draw on Child-Centred and Family-Focused approaches which are not mutually exclusive. While ‘Child-Centred’ refers to placing the needs of the child at the heart of any decision, being ‘Family-Focused’ recognises that the issues and needs of parents will impact on the child.


Promoting and practising professionalism in all aspects of our work ensures our rights and responsibilities as service providers are upheld. We promote and practice professionalism through our assessment process, when maintaining and enforcing procedures and policies regarding child safe ways of working, by ensuring caseloads are fair and manageable for staff, and by providing ongoing training, support, and supervision for all staff and management.