Our work

Preventing child labour

Preventing child labour in Taroudant by providing holistic social support to children and their families.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Professional Integration of Morocco, FAPE is combatting child labour in Taroudant. We strongly believe going to school and getting an education is a basic right of every child. Unfortunately, many children are unable to attend school or receive a complete education due to being forced to work. Children are forced to work in variety ways:

  • Employment in the agricultural sector
  • Working in the home
  • Working in the streets
  • Sexual Exploitation

Watch a video on child labour in the MENA region by our partner, UNICEF, here.





Prevention of child labour

Understand the key factors relating to child labour and ways of overcoming them

Workshops with children and youth in schools

Workshops with parents

Workshops with local tradespeople and union officials

Prevention of youth in dangerous work

Work alongside key stakeholders in Taroudant to support children involved in work

Facilitate committee meetings of local stakeholders to work on child labour cases

Conduct training sessions for tradespeople regarding child labour

Ensuring children in Taroudant can live in a safe and happy family environment

Support children and families to stay together through the services of Centre Amane

Do patrols in Taroudant alongside the local labour inspector and 

follow-up child labour cases

Integrate children and families into the services they need at Centre Amane