Our work

Koulna Maa Baadna

Koulna Maa Baadna: strengthening the community of Souss Massa

Koulna Maa Baadna defends and promotes the rights of vulnerable children and handicapped persons through the development of an integrated and sustainable child protection system and professionalised social service workforce at the provincial and regional levels of Souss-Massa. We have 3 major objectives in the region of Souss-Massa, specifically the cities of Ait-Amira, Ouled Teima, Taroudant, Tata, and Tznit : 

Our objectives


To benefit marginalised populations including women, children, and handicapped persons through the inclusion of their voices within a participatory-action methodology and thus improving their access to critical social services. 


To reinforce civil society organisations through the formation of provincial and regional steering committees representing state and non-state actors to create collaborative mechanisms for which to put in place decentralisation and social work processes


To equip civil society organisations with necessary skills relative to the community’s identified strengths to advance their capacity to serve disadvantaged populations.

The first year of this project consists of mapping the child protection system in each province and for the collectivity of provinces. We are drawing on the principles of asset-based community mapping and participatory action research to ensure we are working alongside all community members. In each city we are conducting:

  • Workshops with professionals from the sectors of; education, health, social services, civil society
  • Workshops with men and women separately
  • Workshops with disabled adults
  • Interviews with parents of children with additional needs
  • Workshops with young people in schools, dat talibs, and institutions.
  • Surveys with lay community members

The second year of this project consists of providing access to training for professionals in each region. Trainings will be on the topics of:

  • Intra-Agency collaboration
  • Safeguarding practises
  • Working with handicap persons
  • Community development training related each to cities desires
  • Grant writing
  • Communications
  • Non-profit business management
  • Human resources management
  • Data management

 You can find these training resources as well as mapping toolkits in our digital hub.