Our work

Project Care: Citizens Access To Registration

The project’s region-wide advocacy program and national legislative reform program worked towards all Moroccans having a legal identity and therefore participating fully in a fairer society. Our rights-based approach ensured that the most disadvantaged and marginalised children and families in southern Morocco have access to education, health and employment, promoting equality and a brighter future. It was essential to have all levels of government, health, education, and other stakeholders to fully understand the issues regarding civil registration.  It was imperative to have the government committed to advocating for civil registration. The following demonstrates the success of CARE’s work:


Awareness raising activities (with NGOs and public). We discussed the project with 5009 citizens.


trainings organised, 750 state officers were trained.


unregistered cases detected in civil registration


children registered in civil registration


advocacy meetings organised with stakeholders in the local, regional, and national levels.


guides prepared and distributed to civil registration.